Thursday, November 10, 2005

Down with data protection and the privacy laws

Blogging is a modern form of therapy, and a substitute for a social life for people with delusions of importance like me.

Together with the fact that most people are vain and like to share their deep personal information on tv or the web or Home Truths, a privacy law is bound soon to be wildly unpopular.

People will be considered eccentric and odd if they don't want to share their private-most details, and in fact will clamour for all the personal information held about then by corporations, government depts., the DSS, NHS, and banks, to be conglomerated into one online and accessible spot, together with their blogs, online photo-galleries and email accounts, all for better management and for the purpose of archiving for a future / alien historian who, in their wild fantasies, will make their lives the subject of a monumental thesis in 5 million years time.

Soon they'll be demonstrating for the abolition of the Data Protection Act on the grounds that it INFRINGES their personal liberty.

I myself would vote for this, simply because at least I'd be able to see, and manage, what the Co-op, Sainsbury's, Virgin Trains, and credit agencies have on me, not to mention have easy one-stop access to all my personal records alongside my official online profile.

Privacy - hah! The only people who want it are those with something to hide. Eliminate these uncivic social undesirables!

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