Friday, April 18, 2008

Two stories in a new anthology

I have two stories being published in the summer in an anthology of satirical speculative fiction, Satirica.

They are Perfection and Doc Chaos the Last Laugh.

Perfection follows the story of a young man who finds the secret of success and happiness, not just for himself, but the whole country.

Doc Chaos the Last Laugh revisits the subject of my novella, Doc Chaos: The Chernobyl Effect. The great doctor is at the end of civilisation. And guess what? He wants to take all the credit for humanity's downfall. But will he, poet Arthur Rambo, or arch-Taoist Yin-Yang Bradley, all sharing the same fortified mountain retreat, be the last one standing?

Satirica is out in hard cover edition this summer. Paperback edition next summer. The publisher is US based Cowboy Logic.

Other authors include:
  • Edward Morris
  • Tomas L Martin
  • R.J. Astruc
  • Victor Giannini
  • John Parke Davis
  • Bill Housley
  • Steven J. Dines
  • Joshua Allen
  • Dudgeon
  • Gary Cuba
  • Mike Philbin
  • Kevin Spiess
  • Roger Haller
  • Jason K. Chapman
  • Dan Kopcow
  • Paul Mannering
  • Lawrence R Dagstine
  • Anden Sharp
  • Dan Marcus

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