Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I've won a grant to write a new novel!

I've won grant to write a new novel. The Drowning will be a novel about two sworn enemies - young teen boys - thrust together to survive in the wild when climate change makes them homeless.

I'll be blogging about the process of writing it, and the research results, as I write it. The work will begin in the summer, after I've finished my current book (which I'm just starting), a non-fiction title for Earthscan about eco-refurbishment of existing homes.

The £6,326.90 grant is from 'cyfle i greu' - 'chance to create' a scheme run by Powys Arts Forum under the Wales Assembly Government.

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Julie Day said...

Congratulations David. The book sounds quite interesting and would look forward to reading it as I am interested in the future of the planet, which it sounds you are too. My first book, out next month, Rosie and the Sick School is all about healthy eating at school but also highlights what unhealthy eating can do to children in the long term. Just like my current book, which is all about helping the environment. Good luck.