Thursday, February 28, 2008

David Ian Rabey

My good friend David Ian Rabey has a new book out.

He's celebrating his fiftieth biurthday and the success of the fact that he is now one of the few British Playwrights to have all his work in print, as Intellect books have completed his written work so far with the publication last week of -

Lovefuries, which contains three plays The Contracting Sea, The Hanging Judge; Bite or Suck, (ISBN 9781841501840)

My favourite is Bite or Suck, an erotic love-hate story.

David's work is uncompromising, and risk-taking. We share a passion for comics and JG Ballard and this shows in his work.

More info: Doollee.


There's a new item on the lowcarbonkid blog where I alert everyone to the fact that the nuclear industry wants to relax the rules on the transportation of radioactive materials. Don't let them do it! Write to your MP! The world is dangerous enough already.