Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Resonant sympathy

This blog created 35th anniversary of the 1st moon landing... when I was 15 and on holiday with my parents in Cornwall.
I recall that at that point I was working on a draft of a novel based on Marvel superheroes.
How much has changed?
Now I am working on the second draft of a novel also in the fantasy sphere, called Hybrids. In all this time I still haven't had a novel formally published by a bona fide publisher.
The Moon looks on in sympathy, and I have sympathy for the Moon, which must look down upon our human vanities and manic activities with a tolerance borne of its long vigil as a witness to events on earth.

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DavidKThorpe said...

How foolish.
The Moon is not an entity. It has no emotion.
You are projecting and anthropomorphising nature. A fatal error to see your reflection in the universe.