Monday, October 09, 2006

Hybrids proof copies mailed out

Hundreds of uncorrected proof copies of Hybrids have just been mailed out.

Cover blurb

Are you...

  • A slave to your computer?

  • Welded to your mobile phone?

  • Joined at the hip to your iPod?

Maybe, one day, you will be...

Johnny and Kestrella are hybrids, victims of 'Creep', a virus whiuch cauases sufferers to merge with frequently-used items of technology.

As hysteria grips the nation, they live in fear of being rounded up and sent to the mysterious Centre for Genetic Rehabilitation, never to be seen again...

Compelling, contemporary and though-provoking, David Thorpe's sci-fi thriller is esssential reading for the cyberspace generation.

  • Winner of the nationwide HarperCollins/SAGA Magazine competition which attracted nearly 900 entries.

  • The panel of judges included Ornage prize-winning author Helen Dunmore, who says: "The writing is sharp, the dalogue good, and the action pacey and page-turning. But there's real depth to this story too. like all good fiction it makes the reader see the world in a different light, like HG Wells and J ohn Wyndham."

  • Also from the judges: "wonderfully original...totally fresh and exciting...vivid and unputdownable."

Publication: 8 May 2007

  • Proof mailing to all key influencers including UK buyers, journalists, teachers and librarians

  • Blanket review coverage and features in national, local and trade press, magazines and online

  • Major feature in Saga magazine, as well as reviews and author interviews in teen press and national and regional newspapers

  • Radio interviews.

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ISBN 0 00 724784 4 | £5.99

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